Rebecca Francescatti

A lifelong artist, Francescatti showed an advanced artistic apptitude as a young child, and studied drawing and painting at the Studio in the Woods Art School and Gallery (Wauconda, IL) under the direction of Bonnie B. Anderson.  For many years she produced art for the private consumption of friends and family, and instead publically dedicated herself to writing, songwriting and music performance.  Since the late 1990s, she has a been a fixture on the Chicago music scene, fronting bands that have performed in some of the city’s top music venues, and whose music has been broadcast on the likes of NPR and WLUP.  From 2000-2002, she was signed to R. Kelly’s Rockland Records label as a songwriter and recording artist.

In the fall of 2014, she created GhOst Rat, a musical and artistic partnership, with Tom Billings, a noted pop artist from the legendary 1990s Wicker Park art scene.  GhOst Rat exhibited and performed throughout Chicago until Francescatti ended the partnership in the spring of 2017.

Francescatti holds a BA in English Literature and Philosophy from Miami University, and a MA in English Literature from DePaul University.  She is currently a Masters Degree candidate in Northwestern University’s Counseling Psychology program.

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