Fred Burkhart


I'm not suggesting that Vincent Van Gogh was my father, but I am saying that I was conceived by him, in 1888, during a series of paintings he created. That makes me roughly 119 years old. It was necessary to lay in his womb for over 50 years, awaiting the right set of parents, ones who would subsequently birth and abandon me to a greater fate, the one that Homer likewise patterned for his return trip.

Thus, in honor and recognition of this elongated awareness obtaining expression, I am this very day commencing a series of self-portraits, to illustrate what I am talking about. Based on already existing photographs, I am more interested in the moods that show forth as I convert silver to graphite.

-- Fred Burkhart

burkhart self portrait 1

                                                    Self Portrait #1, prismacolor on paper, 16"x20", 1/2/2007

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